A Man Were Caught Up In The HeavenHe Heard Inexpressible Things That He Can Not Tell


MX ammunition, key birds, flying saucers
A book of words
Sacred spirits, two cats at the sofa, bright black, itinerant farmers in a ring of rodents
Little girls in Sunday faculty garments, a jack of trades, trendy retailers
Waiting for an early morning bedtime parade, however, the trumpets had been tardy
The bugle down, the tuba unfulfilled, whining the trombone
Was farfetched yet still lacking, quite unskilled  https://www.trythecbd.com/shop/
Hardy rhythm having a tinge of gloomy, but you can hear it outside your window,
That is really a tree waiting around to get some water and a rationale to beg
Because the tone can be unmerciful specially if performed a common seed
Inserted into a sax, a clarinet to a rainy day smoky noise for inmates and occupants
Imprisoned in the key, a purple color, purple and maroon, somber sitar off
For your odor of crops Cannot Be reversed burning rubber always Malay
No comfort, continuous variant sunshine after the moon, insolent hemp
Impertinent constellation from the marigold with only a lot of rife, sheep herders
With serpentine personnel Tibetan farce, success celebrities in sediment grain, manly chaff
Gloomy, cannabis bud to remember three-quarters saturated in mildew and weed
Straying behind the house a ramshackle shanty with roofs made of tin
Like coffee abundant and robust deep taste sanctified in symbols yet to be understood
Thick descriptions of menstrual flashes, western conceal, leather sticks eaves dropping
Behind the slaughterhouse where red calves ramble and bleed a long time before
The ash are scattered in commemoration of the dead in lieu of the futility
And in estimation of these worth on the list of evil types fascism for pick up trucks
For people that like to excel as there can be no more waiting that the shipping of the people out of Egypt and straight back to this volcano nestled in wood toking in a blossom
A furtive sign for much better days beforehand the entrance of daily wrongs in a sermon to treat the sea in unison using all the slaves ears and cauliflower leaves, pap smears Levi, 5 celebrities onto a mountain in a morning meal for bed time a flaming star
Shooting across the skies beaming to all people who are able to see producing programs to heal the followers using a bit of fried meat
Thus do as you can to emulate the horse galloping down a dusty road
Making plans to see the vision and entrust that which one could last to try to believe